Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lush Bearded Lady Bubble Bar

Life has been hectic these past few weeks which is the reason for my lack of posts.  I have been taking a lot of baths which I tend to do in the winter, so I will be doing a few posts on my favorite bubble bars, bath ballistics and soaps from Lush. 

  Lush states "She has moisturizing oat milk, fresh avocados and bananas, as well as jojoba and almond oils to soften your skin.  Sharing a bath with her will leave you surprisingly smooth."

A bath with the bearded lady is wonderful.  My skin is moisturized and smooth.  The water has a milky color to it and this bubble bar produces a decent amount of bubbles considering that I only used a third of it.  

The little chunks that you see above in the "beard" are suppose to be chunks of Lush's King of Skin body butter.  I have to say that this is in my top five favorite Lush products.  There is definitely no need to apply any type of lotion after taking a nice long bath with the bearded lady.
Unfortunately this product was only available during the Christmas holiday so you will not be able to find them in a Lush store unless you are lucky.  Thankfully, I stocked up on these when they became available online again. 

Have you tried the Bearded Lady bubble bar from Lush?  Leave a comment and let me know what you think about it.